Thursday, September 25, 2008

Photos from 2nd attempt. Plan for the 3rd attempt. Thess Belgrade Istanbul Thess 11 12 13 14 0908

IMG_0129.Pompan is Serbian from Nis and he is train driver, he is 46 yrs old. He is married for 22 yrs and he has two children.

IMG_1163. Andreas, from Cyprus, he studies Maths in U.K. He flew from Nicosia to Athens and from there he got the train to Belgrade through Thessaloniki. His Final stop is UK but first he will stop in Novi Sad, Budapest, and Amsterdam.

IMG_1180. Serbians employees work to the national rail company for more than 16 years. They locked the carriage from Thessaloniki to Tabanovce (borders between FYROM and Serbia) and we couldn’t go to the next carriage. After many questions they answered rude that is for passengers’ protection .Radovan is the name from the guy on the right.

IMG_1192. Marta, from Cordoba, Andalucia. She traveled with her friend by train to Europe. They have interail train ticket. From Barcelona flight to Rome and from there they got train to Brindisi and boat to Patras Greece. From Patras they wanted to pass across Greece and Serbia and to get to Amsterdam.

IMG_1329. Erhan, a Turkish student 23 yrs old. He bought an interail train ticket to go to Montpelleir for erasmus program to Montpellier University. He studies Economic science.

IMG_1413. Mr Hambos Greek from Russia. He passed the Black sea by boat (СОУИ- Russia) to Trabzon (Turkey) and from there to Istanbul by bus. His last stop was Athens.

IMG_1383. Taka is Japanese, he lives in Tokyo. He flight from Tokyo to Ankara and by train to Istanbul. He has interail train ticket and he wants to travel around Europe by train. This was his second time in Greece. His next stop is Athens.

Serbian landscape is full of wheat fields. Close to the railway lines there are enterprises selling second hand cars and cars’ spares. The villages and the people look poor. Energy areas one can see not only in Serbia but also in Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Greece.

Vegetable gardens are common in Serbia and Bulgaria. Religious buildings there are in any Balkan country and more specific: Mosques in FYROM and Turkey, Orthodox Christian Churches in Serbia and Greece. Also is interesting the new colourful buildings that create new cities close to Istanbul Turkey.

In my third trip I will focus on the people. Now I know that is difficult to define what is Balkan. So from now on, my main aim is to find what routes the passengers use to get to their destination. Some of them use interail train ticket or Balkan Flexipass train ticket. For this reason now I am interesting more to see from where these people are coming and where they are going. From my last trip to Istanbul from Belgrade I realised that a lot of Romania people use Balkan Flexipass train ticket. The Greek rail company replied to me that this ticket has established in 01 01 1997 and since 2007 the leader country was Greece but from 2008 leader is Romania. In this trird attempt I will follow this route: Thessaloniki – Bucharest – Istanbul – Thessaloniki .

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